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There's Baseball In Heaven

Mike and John were two guys who absolutely loved Baseball.

They based their whole lives around it. They played it every chance they got, they went to every game they could possibly get tickets for, and watched all the others on TV.

They were obsessed with the game.

As the years went on they decided to make a pact with each other, if one of them died before the other, he would come back and tell the one still living if there was Baseball in Heaven.

Because, after all, how could it be Heaven if there's no Baseball?

Sure enough, One of them dies. John died of a heart attack.

Although saddened by his friends death, Mike couldn't help but be exited at the prospect of finally finding out if there really is Baseball in Heaven, and eagerly awaited John's answer.

About three days after his death, John's spirit finally came to visit Mike. It was about two in the morning when he arrived. "Psst, Mike, it's me", he said, hovering over Mike's bed.

Mike stirred, then awoke and jumped at the sight of John's spirit floating over him. "Jesus!" he cried. "Not quite," John said "It's me, John!"

"John, buddy, good to see you!" Mike said, "So tell me is there Baseball in Heaven!"
"Whoa, Whoa, calm down," John said "I've got good news and bad news for you."

"Well, tell me the good news first."

"OK, there Is baseball in Heaven!"

"That's great!" Mike said excitedly, "But, what's the bad news?"

"Well" John said, "The bad news is, you are pitching tomorrow."

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