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Here is a sample letter from a high school coach to a college coach.

The following is a sample letter from a high school coach to a college coach. You don't need to copy the letter exactly, use your own words and style. The most important thing is to write the letter!


Coach Daniel Wilson
State University
P.O. Box 3340
Collegedale, State 11220-3340

Dear Coach Wilson,

Just a quick note to introduce you to Scott Smith, one of the finest baseball players I have had the pleasure to coach, within the past several years. Scott was the first baseman and a right handed pitcher on this year's district championship team, helped lead us to the second conference championship in his career, and distinguished himself and his teammates in the process. The current team has the reputation of being one of the best in the school's history, and Scott earned All-Conference, All-Area, and All-State honors.

Scott is 6'-2" and weighs 175 pounds, he has the frame to carry another 10 - 15 pounds easily. Scott is a solid defensive player at first base, he led our team in pitching starts, wins and earned run average. His hitting has improved each year, an indication of his willingness to work hard and learn. (Note: some statistics are okay here ... batting averages, extra base hits, pitching e.r.a. and record ... but don't over do it)

Scott's strongest quality may be the leadership which he gives to our team.

I have been coaching high school baseball for 15 years and am pleased to say that this is one of the best players I have ever coached. He will be a standout in college because of his baseball ability, leadership skills, and strong academic performance. Scott will be with you for all four years and is likely to mature into an even better player than he is right now. He is already an (excellent, solid, good) student. He has earned a (fill in) g.p.a., and a composite (fill in blank) score on his (ACT or SAT) standardized test. (Mention any academic honors that you are aware of here)

I am certain that you will like Scott. Call me at your convenience for additional information. I will be pleased to send videotapes for you evaluation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time.


Coach Steve Herman
Public High School
16 School Road
Pleasant, State 23399
(555) 234-1234 (school)
(555) 234-6789 (home)

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