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by Selena Smith

"Another BBMom"

One of the most under utilized sources of fund raising for a high school baseball team is the concession stand. Almost every school has one -- but have you planned / worked at making it more than a "break even" proposition? Regular HSBBWeb reader Another BBMom takes a look at the concession stand.

When considering fundraising ideas for you high school baseball team, don't overlook the proven concession stand.

Be it a fully equipped building, or a strategically placed table, the concession stand can quickly become a ready source for cash, and an enhancement to any baseball game.

For a successful concession consider the following:

  • Offer a variety and keep prices to a minimum.

  • Keep food stock to a minimal, "quick serve" foods keep the line moving and get folks back to the game. The most popular edibles are nachos, popcorn, pickles, candy, gum, peanuts, and sunflower seeds.

  • Colas, sports drinks, hot chocolate, and coffee are a must. A donated refrigerator can keep the cold items organized and ready to sell.

    Some concessions elect to enter into an agreement with a cola company that provide colas, fountains and cups. Some cola companies will even provide a free scoreboard.

  • One chief with lots of indians works best. The person in charge will organize and oversee all concession activities. He/she will need people to help purchase goods, clean and stock, work and/or schedule concession help.

    Appoint a representative from each squad to oversee the concession when their team plays at home.

  • Consider asking another high school group or club to work the concession stand for payment thereby allowing parents to enjoy the game while providing much needed funds to the working group.

  • Keep souvenir and other fundraising products to a minimal at the concession stand. Considering selling these items at another designated place in the park and keep the proceeds separate to better gauge your concession profits.

  • Decorate your stand with your team's colors and logo to remind people that they are supporting the team.

  • As tempting as it may be, do not allow coaches or players free access to the concession stand stock. Not only is this a violation of UIL rules, it will quickly dip into your profits.

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