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Questions About College Baseball Recruiting

Coach Damon Towe
Davidson College
Assistant Baseball Coach

At the time this interview was done Coach Towe was the recruiting coordinator and assistant coach at Davidson College.

Damon Towe is now in his fifth year as Head Baseball Coach at Blue Ridge Community College. Towe has led Blue Ridge CC to 134 wins and a second place finish in the 2005 Carolina's Junior College Conference.

Towe was the top Assistant Baseball Coach and Assistant Director of Game Management and Operations from 2000-2003 at Davidson College. In his first season, he assisted the Wildcats to their most wins and highest seed in eight years in the Southern Conference. During his time at Davidson College, he coached two players that signed to play professional baseball.

Towe began his coaching career at Western Carolina University in 1997. During his two-year span as Assistant Baseball Coach, WCU won 81 games and was ranked in the NCAA Division I Top 25 both seasons. During Towe's time at WCU, he coached ten players that were selected in the Major League Baseball Draft and a total of 15 players that played professional baseball.

Question: :How important is it for a player to attend a college team's summer camp? (Assuming that he is interested in a particular school)

Answer: Very important. It gives us a chance to cross check or see kids for the second time. I evaluate a player two times before I sign them.

Question: When should a player write a letter of introduction to a college coach? (9th grade, 10th grade, etc.)

Answer: As soon as he s a legal NCAA prospect (beginning of classes in his ninth grade year) Although we can not write to him until September 1st of his junior year.

Question: Is it better to have the high school coach write / send the first letter?

Answer: Either way, as long as all of the players academic and personal info is available. (Phone #, address, SAT/ACT, grade point average, primary position, speed, strengths, weaknesses, velocity, etc.)
Question: Do sending copies of high school / summer team statistics help? Are they of value to you, when included with an introductory letter?

Answer: Yes .... BA, SB, HR, B, OB%, BB, .... K, BB, IP, ERA, etc.

Question: Should a player or coach send copies of clippings from local newspapers that include highlights about the player?

Answer: NO!

Question: Are the "online" internet recruiting services taken seriously by college coaches? Would you recommend them to a high school player and his family?

Answer: Yes and No .... Some are not quality and schools range in many ways and needs. Both athletically and academically

Question: Should a player send a video tape of himself in baseball situations and games? How important is the editing of the tape? Should it be professionally done?

Answer: Yes, a player should send a video. Editing is only important to see his swing, throw run and field. 5 - 6 minutes worth. Some game film is good to evaluate instincts, speed and concepts.

Question: If a tape is beneficial to you what suggestions would you make? What should be included?

Answer: Pitching angles, sides & behind plate. Pitchers in game situations. Batting practice, running times, some game situations. A good mix of both, but get all tools in the video.

Question: :What items would you suggest to "leave out" of a tape?

Answer: Music .... Father or Mother speaking

Question: Assuming that a player has received and completed / returned a "baseball questionnaire" from a college, is it a good idea to contact the coach by telephone?


Question: When, in your opinion, would be the right time period for a player to contact a coach? Two part question .... What grade? What time of year?

Answer: Junior year 11th grade (Spring and Fall)Senior year 12th grade (Fall). We prefer seniors and juniors to let us know when and where he is playing and how interested he is.

Question: With the continuous increase in the number of "Showcases", in recent years ... How important is it for a player to attend this type of event?

Answer: I believe this is the best way to see kids play, plus at our camps. Limited time and budgets restrict us from seeing just a few kids at a time. Showcases let us evaluate 100 - 300 players on one weekend.

Question: Does the fact that a player has attended an "invitation only" type Showcase, such as Team One, Area Code or Top Gun help a player when he expresses an interest in a particular college?

Answer: Yes ... Because the best players are usually selected! But many of the players at these events do not fit our needs athletically because the pool is drained by the many showcases. If he can play he will be seen by a good recruiter.

Question: How important is a player's physical appearance? I do not mean is he 6'-1" tall and weigh 200 pounds. What I am referring to is tattoos, body piercing, dress, odd hair styles, etc. Are any or all of these items a "negative" to a college coach?

Answer: They are very negative to me personally, but I believe in a controlled & disciplined environment. It can be effective. But this also means a lack of discipline to start with, conversations and meetings with players are the best way.

Question: If a player has a bad game, when a college coach is in the stands watching him for the first time, does that mean it is "over" as far as that school is concerned

Answer: Answer: A good coach can see and recognize tools so a bad day is not a huge concern. That is why we look for tools.

Question: How important is a player's "attitude appearance" when in a game or at a practice?

Answer: If he can handle himself, coaches with composure, it is great. Instincts tell a lot about a player for myself and other coaches.

Question: I know that the academic requirements at Davidson and similar small private colleges is much different than a larger state funded school. How do you and your staff compensate for that and still recruit quality student-athletes?

Answer: We send out a lot of letters, hitting the road and seeing players, calling coaches and responding to every letter written to us. The biggest thing is being on the road every weekend June - November and seeing players.

Question: :How does the cost of a quality education (that Davidson offers) impact your ability to recruit? Do you have to expand the geographic area in which you look for players?

Answer: We really expand to the entire country. We are fortunate to have one of the best, if not the best educations in the country.

Question: Do you feel that a southern school like Davidson has an advantage when trying to recruit a player from the northeastern United States? Over a school in the north that has similar academic and tuition requirements?

Answer: Yes. Because of the reputation of Davidson, plus the year round baseball weather.

Coach Damon Towe
Head Baseball Coach / Athletic Director
Blue Ridge Community College
College Drive
Flat Rock, NC 28731
Blue Ridge Community College


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