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Questions About College Baseball Recruiting

Coach Keith Madison
University of Kentucky
Head Baseball Coach

Keith Madison, the winningest baseball in coach in the 106 years of Kentucky baseball, will add to his already impressive list of milestones in 2002

Since becoming the Wildcats' coach in 1979, Keith Madison has guided his team to 697 victories - more than any other baseball coach in school history and the second-highest mark among active coaches in the Southeastern Conference. Four of his teams have broken the school record for wins in a season, while 80 of his players have gone on to play professional baseball, with 15 having played in the major leagues.

Question: :How important is it for a player to attend a college team's summer camp? (Assuming that he is interested in a particular school)

Answer: It can be great for seeing if a player is a "match" for our program and the same for the player. We have signed several players from our camps, through the years.

Question: When should a player write a letter of introduction to a college coach? (9th grade, 10th grade, etc.)

Answer: As a sophomore he should write requesting camp information. In the spring of his junior year he should send a contact letter to the college / university

Question: Is it better to have the high school coach write / send the first letter?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do sending copies of high school / summer team statistics help? Are they of value to you, when included with an introductory letter?

Answer: Very infrequently

Question: Should a player or coach send copies of clippings from local newspapers that include highlights about the player?

Answer: No

Question: Are the "online" internet recruiting services taken seriously by college coaches? Would you recommend them to a high school player and his family?

Answer: We do not use any of the internet services, here at Kentucky

Question: Should a player send a video tape of himself in baseball situations and games? How important is the editing of the tape? Should it be professionally done?

Answer: We do not use tapes very often. We prefer to see players, in person

Question: Assuming that a player has received and completed / returned a "baseball questionnaire" from a college, is it a good idea to contact the coach by telephone?

Answer: Yes

Question: When, in your opinion, would be the right time period for a player to contact a coach? Two part question .... What grade? What time of year?

Answer: Spring of his junior year

Question: With the continuous increase in the number of "Showcases", in recent years ... How important is it for a player to attend this type of event?

Answer: They are good for initial evaluation -- Games are better than Showcases however

Question: Does the fact that a player has attended an "invitation only" type Showcase, such as Team One, Area Code or Top Gun help a player when he expresses an interest in a particular college?

Answer: Yes

Question: How important is a player's physical appearance? I do not mean is he 6'-1" tall and weigh 200 pounds. What I am referring to is tattoos, body piercing, dress, odd hair styles, etc. Are any or all of these items a "negative" to a college coach?

Answer: All of the above -- and yes they are a negative

Question: If a player has a bad game, when a college coach is in the stands watching him for the first time, does that mean it is "over" as far as that school is concerned

Answer: NO!

Question: How important is a player's "attitude appearance" when in a game or at a practice?


Question: Academics and Grades .... Is a player that has (for example) a 3.25 core grade point average and "qualifying" score on his standardized test (ACT or SAT) any more readily "looked at" than a player that tells you that it will be "nip and tuck" for him to qualify?

Answer: Yes

Question: :Do the college coaches ever call or talk to professional scouts about a prospective player / recruit?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does a prospective college player benefit by attending the one(1) day professional "try-out" days that are held around the country each summer?

Answer: Yes

Coach Keith Madison
Head Baseball Coach
University of Kentucky

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