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Why The NCAA Doesn't Want Parents
To Come Along On Recruiting Trips

by Bob Howdeshell
High School Baseball Web

12. If the school has to spring for the extra airfares, they can't afford the tutors"

11. Dads keep reminding school officials they promised he could help interview candidates for "Girls of the Big 12"

10. If they're not paying for college, why should they get to come along?

9. They insist that the "alumni donations" be in $10s and $20s

8. Dads always turn into some kind of Al Bundy with another year of eligibility and insist on a tryout

7. Moms know that a syllabus is not what the team takes to the local comedy club

6. They insist on seeing buildings besides the stadium and the jock dorm.

5. Moms ask for a side order of steamed broccoli at Hooters

4. They're pretty sure that the bowl of colorful pills in the weight room aren't M&Ms

3. Dads always brag how, in their day, hot recruits got to keep the car, the cash, and the girl

2. Moms embarrass everyone by telling them to sit up straight and stop staring at the stripper

1. They keep asking irrelevant questions about edumacation and academicals

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