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Get Players Scouted
(Suggestions for Players and Coaches)
by: Tom "T Bone" Baker


Here are some tips and insight into how to help your player "get scouted" by the professional baseball scouts. Our source is Pittsburgh Pirates scout Tom "TBone" Baker. You may also want to check out the related links too.


Play summer ball at the highest level possible:
The better the competition the better you become.

Attend tryout camps and showcases beginning with:

bulletThe summer between your Sophomore and Junior years.
bulletAttend as many as possible (only one team has to like you).
bulletWatch the papers for announcements.

At the camp:

bulletStretch and thoroughly loosen-up.
bulletGive it your best but stay within yourself.
bulletDon't hurt yourself for one day.
bulletDon't wait for tomorrow to get in shape.

Typical camp schedule of events.

bullet60 yard sprint in pairs.
bulletRun through the line.
bulletCatchers throw to second.
bulletPitchers throw in bullpen as
bulletOutfielders throw to third and home
bulletInfielders field grounders and throw to first.
bulletSelected players bat.

Game time:

bulletWarm up properly.
bulletAlways take practice serious.
bulletThrow with authority
bulletRun out all hits.


Send schedules to scouts and college coaches:
bulletDate & time - opponent - location
bulletDirections to home field
bulletPhone number to confirm.

Send rosters to scouts and colleges:

bulletbats - throws
bulletheight - weight
bulletbirthdate - graduation year

Schedule better teams

bulletIt's better to evaluate a good hitter against a good pitcher.
bulletIt's better to evaluate a good pitcher against a good hitter

Play on weekends

bulletPart-time scouts usually have a real weekday job

Play in tournaments

bulletSeveral teams in one location attract more scouts

Play in larger towns

bulletBetter chance of being seen

Report results to media

bulletScouts can read

Send data to scouts and coaches

bulletMass email lists will save time
bulletEmail can also cut down on late night calls

Communicate with school's main office

bulletMake sure they know your game information
bulletEven who's pitching and whose on the DL

College coaches should host a scout day for your team

bulletIt's like a tryout camp plus an intersquad game

Host an off-season showcase for high school players

bulletScouts and college coaches can both attend
bulletIt's great added exposure for area players

A team or player web site is a great help
It should include a schedule

What do scouts look for ?

bulletfoot speed
bulletarm strength
bullethitting ability

Scouting structure:

bulletGeneral manager
bulletScouting director
bulletSpecial assignment / advance scout
bulletNational crosscheckers (2 to 4 for each team)
bulletSupervising scout (covers 3 to 4 states)
bulletAssociate scout

Many other articles related to this topic in the Professional Scouting section of HSBBWeb

Tom Baker is a scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates
Check out his great website Click Here


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