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Recruiting Timeline -
This may be the single most important or valuable piece of information on this website.
This timeline can be used as a road map for high school baseball players aspiring to
play at the college level. You can print it out in .pdf format using the link at the bottom.


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by: Bob Howdeshell
High School Baseball Web

This is a general lay-out of the schedule or "time line" that a high school baseball player can follow, in an effort to play baseball at the college level. This timeline was developed by getting input from former college players, parents, college coaches and high school and college academic advisors.

To the Player:
You will get very tired of hearing this ... but if you do not take care of your academics (grades) it will not matter how good you are on the baseball field, if your dream is to play college baseball academics are a part of the package!

Freshman (9th grade)

  • Settle into the high school environment ... get to work developing good classroom and home study habits. Learn to manage your time.


  • Play fall baseball, if available
  • Long toss after school
  • Run sprints and medium distance
  • Read the articles on Making the High School Team follow this link


  • Plan your winter baseball schedule
  • Locate an indoor facility that offers "top level" instruction.
  • If possible target and attend one (1) college Christmas camp
  • Plenty of articles about Off - Season Conditioning here.

    November - January

  • Continue winter work-outs / get ready high school team try-outs
  • Keep working hard on those grades

    February - May/June

  • High school season

    May - July/August

  • Summer league seasons
  • Play the best and most competitive baseball that is available to you. Best teams, best tournaments, against the best the competition possible

    June - July

  • Attend a college baseball program's "week long" camp
    This is the best way to "get noticed" by your favorite school. Many colleges sign players as a result of their attendance at the camps.
  • HSBBWeb listing of College and Non-College Camps follow this link.
  • Ask questions about camps on the HSBBWeb Message Boards

    Sophomore (10th grade)

  • Continue to "hit the books" hard your grades this year count as much as any other year.
  • Follow the same off - season schedule as last year.
  • Meet with your high school guidance counselor -- tell him/her of your desire to play college baseball ... you want to be "on track" with the required core courses, as well as other needs, such as foreign languages.
  • Follow the same spring and summer schedule as last year.
  • Play as many summer baseball games as possible ... the more you play the more experience that you will get .. and the more you should improve.

    July - August

  • Attend a Pro Try-Out Camp in your area -- these will be listed in the message section of your daily newspaper's sports section.
  • Start learning about Showcases and make contact with several of the directors -- find out if they may be interested in including you in one of their events.
  • Check out the High School Baseball Web's Showcase Table for a listing of showcases around the country.
  • Also visit the High School Baseball Web's Showcase Calendar for a listing of showcase dates and locations.

    Junior (11th grade)


  • Send out your first contact letters --
  • Ask your high school coach to write letters to a few preferred colleges
  • Include a copy of your fall schedule (if available)


  • Written contact by college coaches is allowed

  • Register with the NCAA Initial - Eligibility Clearinghouse (your high school guidance counselor should have these forms)
  • Register for the fall ACT / SAT standardized tests ... most students take these tests at least twice ... try to avoid the spring dates, as they may conflict with your high school season Request that your ACT/SAT test scores be sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse (there is a box on the application form that you check for this)
  • Find more information about the NCAA Clearinghouse follow this link
  • Continue the fall and winter schedule as you did for your freshman and sophomore years


  • Familiarize yourself with the NCAA admission / eligibility requirements NCAA Online or check with your school's guidance counselor

    Feb -March

  • Send out your spring high school schedule
  • Prepare a videotape to be sent out when requested (do not send unsolicited tapes
  • Plan visits to as many schools as possible this spring and summer
  • Some schools have "Junior Days" during the spring season ... don't be shy write a letter to the coach and ask about them.
  • All of these visits are "unofficial" this means that the college can not pay for any part of the visit. These are done on your own.
  • Make contact with showcase groups - Work on getting your information to them - So that if you qualify they can send out an invitation - If you wait until school is over for the year, it may be too late! The better showcases fill up fast.
  • June and July are the primary showcase months
  • High School Baseball Web Showcase Table


  • Send out letters to college programs - Tell them about your high school junior year (11th) season - Sending stats is okay
  • Focus this summer should be on attending "Select or Advanced" College Camps .
  • In this environment you will be able to gauge yourself against some of the best players, at each camp. The college coaches will be able to do the same.
  • The summer between a player's junior and senior year of high school is very important

    JULY 1st

  • Phone contact from college coaches is permissible
  • July is Showcase month.
  • High School Baseball Web Showcase Table
  • High School Baseball Web's Showcase Calendar for a listing of showcase dates and locations.
  • Attend a Pro Try-Out Camp in your area -- these will be listed in the message section of your daily newspaper's sports section.
    Senior (12th grade)

    July - August

  • Seek out a team that plays fall "showcase" tournaments (pro scouts can be helpful with this)


  • Review core academic requirements with your guidance counselor. Make sure you are "on track"
  • Send out your fall baseball schedule
  • If you do not think you will sign in the early National Letter of Intent (LOI) period, usually the second week of November. Request information on Christmas camps ... especially from schools that you are most interested in .. or those that have shown an interest in you.


  • Early signing period -- dates vary slightly from year to year -- Check on the HSBBWeb Message Boards for the current years dates
  • Update college coaches on any changes to your fall schedule
  • You can contact college coaches (by phone) at any time (prior to July after your Junior year they can not call you)
  • Continue your fall and winter schedule as you have in previous years

    Official Visits

  • If you are offered an official visit -- prepare for your visit with a list of prepared questions. Be prepared for any questions the college may have for you.
  • See the Recruiting Tips section for information about official and unofficial visits.

This is it! The year that you have been preparing for! ENJOY IT!

Good Luck

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