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Thoughts About "Local Showcases"

by: Bob Howdeshell
High School Baseball Web

It seems like a least once a week there is a post on the message boards, or I receive an email asking for a list of showcases in "fill in the name of the state or city here." I am not poking fun or ridiculing anyone asking this question. As a matter of fact I applaud them for asking. Believe me ... when I started this site I did not know the answer to this question either.

My point in writing this article is to have the answer on the site for everyone's use.

This site has a listing of the top "Invitation Only" showcases, as well as many other established "General" events. These are listed in the Showcase section of this site.

A local showcase (one that is limited to a state or city) versus a regional or national type event will typically attract only a few local college coaches and pro scouts.

These can be well worth the money if a player is interested in a particular school (and you know the school will be there) or if the player just wants to get some "showcase experience."

However it is also very possible for these events to be a disappointment for the player and his parents. Many times these showcases will have only the showcase director, a helper or two, and one or two college coaches.

One suggestion might be to find a college run "select or skills" type camp that uses all college coaches. See HSBBWEB previous article on College Camps.

If you are truly interested in attending a small local showcase event ... use the listings in the "Showcase" section of this site. Call or write the various showcases asking them about any upcoming events planned for your area.

There are literally hundreds of "showcases" out there these days. Be aware that some are strictly "money makers". Ask questions!

Another article worth reading from HSBBweb is Showcase Tips

And finally if what the player is looking for is simply a "showcase experience" to better understand what happens at these events ... I would suggest attending a free professional try-out day.

These are held throughout the country each summer. These are usually advertised in the sports section of your local paper. You may also be able to get a list of such events by contacting the individual Major League baseball team offices.

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