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How To Make The High School Team -- This is the fifth segment in our multi-part series on advice to help you make the high school team. The info and advice in these articles comes from the "experts," High school coaches from all over the country.

The first thing that I look for is the player's punctuality and how he or she (I have a female player -- who is talented and pitches I might add) is prepared for the first day.

What time did they show up? Did they prepare themselves and work-out in the winter?

The first running drills let me know this. Of course HUSTLE, no hustle, no return ..... no exceptions unless the player is injured.

I also look at the player's enthusiasm, do they want to be here? Some underclassmen are still forced by their parents. Who's looking at the clock?

And finally stay positive, motivated and give your all. I don't believe in giving 100, 105% etc. Just give me all you have and we'll work it out.

How much do you want to learn? Who asks for extra help and stays focused.

Coach Gene Klumpp Jr.
Marist High School
Bayonne, New Jersey
Web Site

What does it take to make the team? First it takes talent, but you can not keep the 16-20 most talented players. There is no way to get all those players playing time. It would hurt the team chemistry because everyone would think that they should be starting.

At Godwin High School we keep the best 12-14 players and then we look for role players. We look for the player who can make a special contribution.

Hustle, speed, the hard working player who in practice will push the starters.

We look for "projects" such as the lanky left-handed pitcher who will try to develop. We look for someone who can be an effective #3 - bullpen catcher.

We look for the player that is a student of the game.

We spend the first 5 days of practice in scrimmage situations, for almost 90 minutes a day. Each inning we have different counts and runners on base. We look to see who our situational players are.

It's easy to hit with no one on but when there is a runner on 2nd base and the count is 0-2 can you put the ball in play and move the runner?

We chart these practice situations and it helps us to evaluate individual players.

Coach John Marano
Mills Godwin High School
Richmond, Virginia
1999 AAA State Champions
Web Site

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