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Choosing A College Baseball Program
Questions To Ask A Coach

Reprinted From:
All Sports.Com

Choosing a college should be the hardest decision you should make. Is it the right school for you? Does it have the academics you need? Do you have a legitimate opportunity to contribute to the athletic department?

These are just some of the questions that you will need to ask yourself during this entire process. Below are some questions you should be asking others.

Questions for Coaches

  • What kind of academic support does the college provide? (tutors, etc)
  • What is the team grade point average?
  • What is the team graduation rate?
  • What are some of the majors of team players?
  • Is my scholarship guaranteed for four years?
  • What are your red-shirt procedures? Will I be red-shirted in my freshman year?
  • Does the scholarship cover summer school?
  • Will the scholarship cover a fifth year if necessary?
  • At my position, what does the depth chart look like?
  • Where do I stand on the recruiting list?
  • What are my scholarship opportunities?
  • How many assistant coaches are there?
  • Questions for Team Members
  • Does the coach teach at the school?
  • What is the morale of the team?
  • Does the team like the staff?
  • Is the coach interested in academics?
  • Do the athletes really have to go to all classes?
  • How long is practice?
  • Would you go to this school if you had to choose again?
  • What is the average class size?
  • What are the dorms like?
  • Are the professors accessible?
  • Do the athletic dept. tutors do a good job?
  • Questions for Admissions
  • What is the average class size and ratio per professor?
  • Who teaches classes? (Professors, teacher assistants)
  • What is enrollment of college?
  • How is my major regarded?
  • What percent of graduates from my major receive jobs within three months of graduation?
  • How many fraternities and sororities are available?
  • What are the housing policies?
  • May I sit in on a class in my major? (as a guest)
  • How accessible are counselors to me?

Summary Question for Yourself

  • Did I have a good overall feeling about the school?
  • Would I go to school here if I wasn't going to play sports?
  • Will I fit into the athletic program?
  • Am I satisfied with the living arrangements?
  • Am I satisfied with the academic opportunities?
  • Many additional questions will, and should, come up throughout your recruiting process. The bottom line in choosing a college is simple.... Choose a school that you would go to if you were not going to play sports!
  • Your chances of playing professional sports is very slim. Go to college to get an education, meet lifetime friends, play some sports & have fun! When the final whistle blows and you're 21 years old and out of college, what you will have is experience, memories and a college degree. Don't make the mistake of selecting a college only because they are the only school that offered you a scholarship.
  • Pick a college because that's where you would want to spend the next four to five years of your life.

Reprinted From:
All Sports.Com

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