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Maybe the most important information on this web site.

Scholastic year by year break down of what to be doing, and when to do it, to help a player achieve the goal of playing at the "next level"

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The "World Famous" High School Baseball Web message board forums.

Ask questions, offer comment or opinion. Stop by and join our community.


The High School Baseball Web went "online" in February of 1998. The reason it was created is this; As the father of a potential college and/or professional baseball player I could find very little about the college recruiting process or the way the Major League Baseball free-agent player draft worked.

Now over five years later and with the help of many wonderful people we have been able to form a community of people that share the same passion for high school baseball.

This site does not sell or promote ANYTHING! We don't bombard you with banner ads or "pop-ups." It is run the way we like to see web sites. All information on this site is free.

Welcome to the site ... Visit our message board forums and ask questions, share ideas and experiences. That's what makes this site special. Folks sharing information and ideas.

With a total of 450,000 high school players at 14,800 high schools we're a pretty small group. Add in a few alumni, some professional scouts, the occasional college coach and the true fan and you'll find that we're a close knit group!

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