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Maybe the most important information on this web site.

Scholastic year by year break down of what to be doing, and when to do it, to help a player achieve the goal of playing at the "next level"

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The High School Baseball Web has become one of the internet's most successful small sports specific websites. As we approach our 5th birthday (February 2003) this site has far surpassed the average lifetime for internet sites.

The site has grown and improved over the years. Unfortunately with that growth has come an increase in costs to provide this free information and the message board forums.

The goal when starting this site was to provide a free idea and information exchange about high school baseball. That has been accomplished and more! Our community is used as a standard by many in the internet industry. I am regularly asked "how" ... "How did you create such a popular hobby type -- one sport community?"

My answer is always ... I have no idea!

As I have said many times WE ... all of the High School Baseball Web members should be proud of what our site has become.

Current web hosting costs now exceed $1,200.00 per year. Add to that the cost of necessary software programs to create the web site, edit photos, purchase publications, monitor "neer-do-wells", and even computers themselves. You can see that this site, while still a passion to me, has become quite expensive.

I have been scolded, chastised and even thumped on the head by some of you for not charging to use this site. It would be easier for me to shut it down than to charge a fee for usage.

Having said all of that it has become necessary for me to find a way to offset some of the costs associated with running this site.

Mrs. HSBBWeb is a very low maintenance sweetheart of a wife, but she does insist on being able to send her boys to college and even to eat regularly! (I know she is being unreasonable -- but what am I to do? At this point in my life no one else would have me)

If you would like to make a donation to the High School Baseball Web there are a couple of options listed below.

Donating members will be given access to a special message board "avatar" that let's everyone know you are a contributor. Of course the use of it is your choice. All donations will be kept confidential.

Avatar for donors -- Not required but here it is if you would like to use it. ONLY after you donate to the High School Baseball Web.

To send a check:

Regular Mail:
Bob Howdeshell
c/o High School Baseball Web
213 Fowler Drive
Maryville, Tennessee 37803

To use Pay Pal:


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