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This is the third article in a series that will follow the experiences of a high school baseball player as he and his family make their way through the college recruiting process. Our "diary" will track the progress of one of the nations best "blue chip" high school pitchers.


Kris Honel


Picking up where we left of last week, we continue the journal following the recruiting and college selection choice of Kris Honel, Providence Catholic High School, New Lenox Illinois.

More Questions for Mary Kay

Question: How is the fall season going for Kris?

Answer: Fall ball is going well, they are working on honing pick off skills and of course refining the change-up and curve ball. The team was supposed to play at Michigan State last Sunday but got rained (stormed) out. Luckily we were notified before we left home as it is a 4 hour road trip one way.

His team plays on Wed. and Sundays. Kris will usually throw 2 innings on Wed. and 4 or 5 on the weekend.

Question: Does Kris have a work-out program for the fall?

Answer: He has developed a running and long toss program for the off days that keeps him in good shape.

Question: What are Kris's plans for any tournaments or showcases this fall?

Answer: Kris has decided to concentrate on a pitching / lifting program this off season and not worry about showcases and camps. He was invited to play with a number of teams at the Perfect Game Showcase in Jupiter, Florida during October but it is the same weekend that Arizona State has scheduled his official visit so he'll be in Arizona since it's the last weekend before the early signing period.

Question: You mentioned a visit to Arizona State ... any other visits yet?

Answer: He visited the University of Evansville on his first trip and was very impressed with the program, coaches and players. They are in the process of building a new baseball complex which is located on campus and should be finished by next summer.

He liked the fact that everything was in walking distance and the dorms were located right by the baseball fields. On Saturday he visited with the admissions office and was given a campus tour before attending a baseball scrimmage. He spent the night in the dorm and was able to socialize with the players as it was Homecoming and there was a lot of activities to attend.

Question: Why the University of Evansville? I would not consider it a "national power" in baseball.

Answer: Kris has a history with the University of Evansville....he attended the UE Day Care School when he was 2 and 3 yrs. old. while his Dad was there working on his MA degree and was coaching baseball for 2 years at the University.

Kris used to play ball with the players on Bosse field between games of double headers. Andy Benes was a freshman then and used to pitch to Kris all the time. They've both come along way since then!

Continued Next Week


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