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This is the fourth article in a series that will follow the experiences of a high school baseball player as he and his family make their way through the college recruiting process. Our "diary" will track the progress of one of the nations best "blue chip" high school pitchers.


An interesting "wrinkle" in this installment about Kris Honel.

The information is written by Kris.


I just wanted to first thank you for taking the time to do these articles about me I'm kind of amazed that anyone is really interested in me.

I just visited Creighton University last weekend and had a great time. They were having their alumni weekend so it was cool to meet past and present players. The campus really reminded me a lot of Evansville in that everything was close and easy to walk to.

I roomed with my summer teammate Mike Santoro who is a freshman there this year. The players were all cool and down to earth guys. I probably put on about 5-10 lbs. eating in Omaha. Every meal, we went to these big restaurants and ate as much as we could. I really liked the coaches at Creighton. Coach Daum (Head Baseball Coach) and Coach Olson (pitching coach) are both a class act and spent a lot of time with me.

Coach Olson if you read this remember..."OOSFA". I really had a great time and Rosenblatt field looked mighty tempting.

Also, you can't go wrong with the academics at Creighton. They have an outstanding educational reputation.

This weekend I'm visiting Oklahoma State. My last two visits are to larger state schools that have football programs.

It will be interesting to compare the larger school programs players and atmosphere to the two private Universities that I visited first.

I'm definitely going to make my decision on college the first weekend of November. Right now all I can say is that if the last two visits go as well as the first two ...it's going to be a tough decision.

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