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Your Chance To Get It "Off Your Chest"

Recent Editorials

Do you have an issue that you feel passionate enough about to write your thoughts down for others to read?

This will be your place and chance to do that, on the High School Baseball Web. Of course it is preferred that the topic pertain to baseball and preferably "high school baseball." However other subjects may be deemed of valid interest to our websters.

How do you do it? It's very simple ... All you have to do is write out your editorial and send it to me via email. You can either write your editorial in the email or attach a word processing document with your email. Pleas limit the word processing programs to Microsoft Word or Notepad.

There is no limit to the number of words or lines -- write what you feel. Of course editing and content review will be at the discretion of site management. No changes to content will be made without the writer's review and consent first.

Not all editorials will be published -- submission does not guarantee publication.

No anonymous editorials will be published. You must include your name, city and state -- HSBBWeb screen name too! Use the email link below to submit your editorials

To submit an editorial
Send us an email / click on the mail box

Include The Following:
City & State
HSBBWeb Screen Name

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