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What Can A Player Gain by Playing Fall Baseball?

by: Bob Howdeshell
High School Baseball Web

The fall baseball seasons are beginning to get started around the country. Too often players do not get the most they can out of playing baseball during this time of year. Here are a few ideas and reminders to help this fall be your best ever.

  • A fall baseball season of 10 to 20 games can serve as spring training for next season.

  • Fall is a time for players to develop skills, not for teams to win games.

  • Pitchers who didn't throw enough in the summer can get more innings or can work on another pitch, such as a change-up.

  • Pitchers ... work on your pick-off move to first base. Throw over at least once each time a runner is on first base. (Unless there are runners on other bases)

  • Hitters can get another 30 to 60 at-bats to help groove their swing.

    Work on hitting the ball to the opposite field ... you are a better player and a more valuable member of your team the more complete a hitter that you become

  • Hitters fall is a great time to use a wood bat, both in games and in batting practice.

  • Fall IS NOT the time to waste at bats thinking that you are a power hitter!!

  • Defensively, players can learn another position... maybe a younger high school player that has played infield all his life needs to play some outfield in order to win a starting position on the next year's team.

  • Catchers ... find a friend, a parent or even your girlfriend to throw you tennis balls in the dirt ... develop instinctive blocking skills -- Work on your transfer skills when throwing to a base. You can do this by yourself in the backyard or garage. Make your feet quicker and your "pop" times will improve.

  • Practices can't hurt ... don't forget to add a regular "long toss" program to your fall schedule

  • Work on your base stealing skills ... even players with average speed can become very good high school base stealers. It's all about learning to read each pitcher's move to first and home.

  • Occasionally college coaches and pro scouts will attend fall games - Don't forget to send the college coaches your schedule

  • This fall IS ABSOLUTELY the time to be using the new -3 bats. Don't even think about using your old trusty -5!

  • Fall baseball can be one of the most productive times of the year for a high school player.

  • You get out of it what you put into it

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