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Dimensions For A High School
Baseball Field

Reprinted From:
Southern Athletic Fields

Baseball, High School and College

Apex of Homeplate to the front of the pitching rubber:...60'6"

Apex of Homeplate to the center of second base:..127' 3 3/8"

Apex of Homeplate to the back of the bases (1st & 3rd):..90'0"

Recommended Fence Distance: Left/Right Field:..310'-325'

Center Field:...................375'-410'

Homeplate Diameter:.................26'0" (measured from the apex of homeplate)

Pitching Rubber Diameter:.....18'0" (measured from 18" in front of the pitching rubber)

To determine distance between any two points:

A2 + B 2 =C2

Example: Softball 60' Bases

HP to 1st Base -A2 60x60= 3600
HP to 3rd Base-B2 60x60= 3600
Total 7200
C2 square root of 7200

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