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Be careful who you hand your money to. There are many showcases and clinics which claim to offer great exposure, however they fail to deliver on showcase day. There is big money in talent evaluation. This leads however, to a situation of unqualified con men attempting to pass themselves off as judges of talent. These guys are in it for one thing, that is the money. You, are however left with very little to show for your expense.

Look first at the credentials of the people running the workout. Do they have the experience in evaluating talent at the college or professional level. What is their reputation with college coaches and pro scouts? Even though organizers of the showcase may not evaluate your talent their reputation will determine whether college coaches or pro scouts will attend the workout. With time limitations as they are, scouts and college coaches will only attend showcases that are run in a professional manner.

Some less than reputable showcase promoters have listed college coaches and pro scouts that attend their workouts without the permission of these individuals. The reason they do not get their permission is those coaches and scouts have not attended the showcase. But it looks good on the literature for the showcase, even though it is a lie. Only after you pay your fee and attend the showcase do you find out that none of these schools attend the work out. When asked about the small turnout the organizers might say that "I guess they didn't send anybody this year". When in fact they have never attended. Shady showcase promoters are banking on you not doing your homework. They know very few people will call these schools to verify the validity of the endorsement.

When you are deciding on a showcase, look for the showcases that offer more than just an evaluation situation. Many showcase promoters will have seminars on topics that are important to both parents and players. Some topics are scholarships and the recruiting process as well as how financial aid works. These extras tell you that the organizers want to make sure you have a good experience and will go the extra mile to insure that.



bulletA phone number you can call to receive information or ask questions
bulletA mailing address for all correspondence
bulletInformation package
bulletTimely receiving of information package -- listing itinerary of all activities
bulletPrompt response to all phone calls
bulletInformation package that lists directions to all fields and local lodging info
bulletInformation and background on staff and instructors
bulletLongevity -- how many years has the showcase been running
bulletSense that attention has been paid to details
bulletParticipation from college coaches and pro scouts

A positive sign of a well run showcase is when you ask a coach or pro scout about the showcase they know about it and are planning to attend.

Call all colleges you are interested in and let them know the dates, times and location of the showcase. Invite them to see you display your skills.


bulletArrive early. Anticipate delays due to poor directions
bulletDress before you walk up to the field. Nothing looks worse than a half dressed sloppy ball player
bulletWear a shirt that has your name spelled on the back. With 100 other players on the field you want your name to stand out
bulletAppear relaxed and comfortable, even if you are not.
bulletDo not ask your parents to run errands for you. Get your own jacket from the car. Show responsibility.
bulletListen to the camp directors. Be where you are supposed to be.
bulletBe attentive and alert. This is not a time to goof off with the guys.
bulletWait until after the workout to ask for running times, arm grades, etc.
bulletIf you are having a bad day, realize that there are other camps.

Many times coaches and scouts will have seen you play before they know your skill level. They like to see how you react when things do not go your way. If you show a good attitude and composure when you are not having your best day you will leave a good impression in their minds. Anyone can have a great attitude when things are going well, but only true winners realize they are better than what they are displaying.

Winners know there will be other days.

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