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The High School Baseball Web list of showcases.

Names, addresses, telephone numbers and web site links. Loads of contact information.



Interviews With High School Baseball
Talent Showcase Directors


bulletMaking a Player Videotape
Jeff Spelman
Team One Baseball


bulletQuestions About High School Talent Showcases
Tom Rizzi
College Select Showcases


bulletRecruiting Clinic
Jeff Spelman
Team One Baseball


bulletShowcase Expectations
Tom Rizzi
College Select Showcases


bulletCollege vs. Professional
Jeff Spelman
Team One Baseball Showcases


bulletShowcase Tips
Bobby McKinney
Pittsburgh Pirates Scout



bulletShowcase Listings
bulletShowcase Calendar
bulletShowcase Spotlight
bulletToo Many Showcases?
bulletAre Showcases A Waste of Time?
bulletLocal Showcases
bulletAbout College Camps
bulletHSBBWeb Camp Listing


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