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The First Letter
To a College Coach

by: Bob Howdeshell
High School Baseball Web

One of the most common questions asked of me, and the High School Baseball Web is how do i go about contacting a college coach? What do I say in the first letter? Here's an example of what your first letter might look like.

The following is an example of an introductory letter to a college baseball coach.

But first let me offer a few DO'S and DON'Ts

Like most of life "first impressions are important" that will apply here.

The letter does not need to be typewritten ... but it should be neatly done. If your handwriting is not easily legible you should probably type the letter.

I personally think that the player should write (or type) the letter. Mom or Dad can check it for content, neatness, clarity and spelling, but a letter written by the player shows initiative as well as offering a good life lesson.

Keep the letter brief .... this is just the first contact .... hopefully you will have plenty of time to sell yourself later. If your letter takes more than 3 to 4 minutes to read through it is too long. This will include the "Information Page" portion as well.

Do not address or start your letter "Dear Coach" To a coach this is like getting a letter addressed to "Occupant" or "Dear Resident".

Take some time to find out the coach's name. Most college athletic departments have internet websites. Under the baseball pages you will be able to find the head coach's name.

Good links to many college baseball websites can be found at:


Coach Daniel Wilson
State University
P.O. Box 3340
Collegedale, State 11220-3340

Dear Coach Wilson,

My name is Scott Smith. (no nicknames here) I am a high school junior, class of 2002.

I have recently started my search for a college to further my education. State University is high on my list of choices.

I wish to continue playing baseball in college. It is my hope to do so for a program like State Baseball.

I have enclosed a brief attachment which outlines my personal, academic, and baseball information.

It is my understanding that NCAA rules do not allow contact with a high school baseball player until July 1, after his junior year. It is my hope that you will have this information at the appropriate time.

Please send me any information regarding the Tiger (use team nickname here) baseball program, school admission requirements, financial aid, upcoming camp schedules, or any other helpful information.

I look forward to learning more about State University, and the Tiger baseball program.

(sign the letter)

Scott Smith
110 Evergreen Drive
Cityview, State 16607

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