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Key Strategies For Getting Recruited
If You Play At a Small High School

By Dan Tudor

Being a student-athlete at a small high school can have a lot of benefits. Thereís a better chance to earn a starting spot on your team, assuming leadership roles on your team, and get personal attention from your coaches and teachers.

But what about when it comes to getting recruited to play college sports? Does going to a small school hamper your chances of getting attention of college coaches?

The most important thing to remember is that college coaches donít care about the size of your high school, nor are they all that concerned with how well your high school team did in recent seasons.

College coaches are looking for one thing, and one thing only: Talented athletes.

That being said, there are some challenges that small-school athletes might be presented with when it comes to recruiting, but the solutions to these problems are fairly easy.

Donít count on a lot of scouts coming through your town or school and taking a look at you in practice or at a game. There are a lot of budget restrictions and time restrictions on coaches, so if they are going to go scout somewhere, it will most likely be at a large school in a large town. If thatís the case, be prepared to get videotape of you in action. Actual uncut game tapes are the best. If a coach contacts you, it will be beneficial to you to have a tape ready to send a coach.

The most important thing to realize is that college scouts don't usually care that much about the size of your school. In addition, they may not even be that concerned with the overall talent level of the teams or individuals you play against. You are probably very aware of how you compare to other teams and players in your area that attend schools that are larger or more prestigious than yours. However, college scouts don't have that same knowledge. They are just looking for talented athletes. In fact, from their perspective, ALL high school teams are at a lower competitive level than they are used to at college.

If you go to a small school, but are a good student-athlete, donít worry. If you do the right things to get a coachís attention, theyíll recruit you just as actively as they would an athlete from a big school.

Reprinted From:
Recruit Zone

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