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Why Should You Verify The Coaches Name?

This is a funny "true lesson" for several of the websters and a good laugh at myself.

At the top of each page of the new College Web Site and EMail Address pages on the High School Baseball Web I placed the following warning:


College coaches do change jobs ... Before sending an email or letter to any coach first visit the school's website and verify that he is still at that school!

It has come to my attention that quite a few readers have not taken my advice. It is important to check and make sure the coach that I have listed in the listing is correct.

Three possibilities come into play:

  1. The coaches name and email address are correct
  2. The coaches name is wrong -- the coach is no longer at the particular college
  3. OR old Bob here has made a mistake! Maybe listed the wrong person?

The following is an email, that I received, which proves my point:

"We are glad you chose to put Chicago State on your links page, however Kevin McCray is in his 24th year as the head coach of CSU.

Carl Taft (the guy you have listed as our head coach on your site) was a pitcher on our team.

This actually helps us determine which prospects found out about us through your site because all their mail is addressed to Coach Carl Taft. (And we have been getting lots of mail addressed to Carl Taft!)...So, thank you for the publicity.

Frank Walker
CSU Baseball Operations

While holding back tears from my laughter (at myself) I replied to Mr. Walker's email. Begging forgiveness and offering to take 30 lashes with a wet noodle, I informed him that I would correct the mistake at once.

I have no idea how I listed Carl Taft as the head coach at Chicago State! Obviously I suffered through an extreme bout of the "duhs" at that time. Trust me it was not done intentionally to trip anyone up.

Fortunately the staff at Chicago State have a great sense of humor and did not throw the emails away without looking at them. Believe me, some coaches will automatically disregard any correspondence addressed to the wrong coach!

SO ... take a tip form this experience and listen to "old" Bob ... Check to make sure the coach is listed correctly. After all the website link is right next to the email address on the same page. It will only take a couple of minutes to verify the name of the coach.

P.S. Congratulations to Coach McCray on his long wonderful career ... We hope he enjoys retirement. And best wishes to Coach Taft ... perhaps the only player / head coach at an NCAA Division I program, in the country! Just kidding :-)

Here's a link to the Address & Email Links

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