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What Makes A Good Team Website?

by: Bob Howdeshell
High School Baseball Web

I recently undertook the task of updating and verifying ALL of the high school team websites listed here on the High School Baseball Web. What an unbelievable task! Over 1,200 sites listed and I had to visit each and every one. Now that I have completed the task I am glad that I did. In an odd way it was like visiting old friends .... Some of the sites have been listed here from the very start of our site. Unfortunately some "old friends" are no longer around. I can only assume that they have graduated.

The following is a listing of some of the very best sites. Not always the most "flashy" but those that I feel do a great job of getting the information out, making it easily available to their readers.

I have also listed a suggestion or two for some of the sites. This does not take away from the fact that each of these sites are excellent examples!

Newport High School
An excellent high school team site - attractive, complete, and easy to navigate!

Collins Hill High School
Suwanee, Georgia
Collins Hill
Very nice index bar -- Address info right on the top of the front page. Site has a nice Locations page.

Downingtown East High School
Exton, Pennsylvania
Downingtown East
Has a nifty little flash entrance page. Nice simple site design, easily navigated. One suggestion -- make the contact information easier to find. All in all a nice site -- one of my favorites.

Langley High School
McLean, Virginia
Good contact information, including email links to the coaches.

Miller High School
Yukon, Oklahoma
Yukon Miller
Plenty of game action photos if you click Varsity > Varsity game photos (same for Jr. Varsity, etc.), good contact info, and an easy to navigate site.

Morrisonville and South Fork High Schools
Morrisonville, Illinois
Mohawk Baseball
An interesting site in that the team is combined from two high schools. Very nice site, well done, easy to use.

Fairhope High School
Fairhope, Alabama
Has the look and feel of a professional website. Very nice high school specific site! Lots of easy to use information.

Blue Valley High School
Blue Valley
Very nice photo section, history, upcoming practices and events. Photos on the front page are very slow to load and could be "optimized" for the Web to make this page more user-friendly.

Alamogordo High School
Alamogordo, New Mexico
Very nice design, nice interior menu bar, well arranged site

Crespi High School
Anaheim, California
Nice flash enabled intro, I like the "see thru" background. A well done site.

Bellaire High School
Houston, Texas
Home site of one of the nation's premier high school baseball programs. Well done site.

E Teamz Sites
Because I like the ease of making a website on ETeamz and the fact that they are free! I have created a separate section for the "best of" ETeamz baseball sites

Karns High School
Knoxville, Tennessee
A good example of a simple easy to use site. The home of the infamous member Hiwasee Vol!

Brooks High School
North Andover, Massachusetts

Central High School
Fresno, California

Pleasure Ridge Park High School
Louisville, Kentucky
Pleasure Ridge
Check out the very impressive glove with the players on it -- front page

Hamilton Christian Academy
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Hamilton Christian

Apopka High School
Apopka, Florida

Miami Sunset High School
Miami, Florida

Bishop Ready High School
Columbus, Ohio
Bishop Ready

Patrick Henry High School
San Diego, California
Patrick Henry

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